Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts

optimize seo blog posts
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Search engine optimization must be present throughout your website. Therefore, your blog posts should also be optimized for web search. Here are some tips for optimizing your blog posts. 

1. Choose a Good Post Title

Every blog post has a main topic that it is trying to promote or inform. To help attract visitors’ attention to visit the site, you should be sure to choose a catchy target keyword for your title. Select short titles that get your message across in the most interesting way.

2. Optimize Headings

If you work with websites, chances are you are familiar with the <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags. In descending order, they are bolder and therefore more important headings. You should define between titles and subtitles within your post with these tags. 

3. Use Alt Attributes

If you have images within your blog post, be sure to add alt text to the images. This is similar to a caption, except it does not appear in the actual post. However, it helps SEO search engines know that you have the image name. If your site ever does not load or cannot pull up the image, the alt text will display instead. 

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