The Best Cities to Launch Your Online Business

Best Cities to Launch Your Online Business
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Balancing your work and lifestyle while starting a new business can be a challenge. There are many cities with the resources that you need to start a business. However, the cost of living expenses in the cities can be difficult to keep up with. Here are some cities where you can affordably and efficiently launch your online business.

1. Quebec, Canada

You might be wondering why we’ve chosen Canada as the number one city to launch a business in. After all, isn’t the United States the best place to start an entrepreneurial journey? Answer is more simple than it might appear. It costs approximately $1535 to set up a digital business in the city, and average monthly living costs boil down to $1445. This is both a reasonable and affordable way to begin your business venture.

2. Winnipeg, Canada

Here is yet another Canada-based city recommended for starting a business. The set-up cost of $1535 is affordable when you consider that the average monthly living costs are $1618. 

3. Sheffield, England

This is a city where the online venture infrastructure rating is a 6.0. While not as affordable as Quebec or Winnipeg, the stunning set-up cost of $1700 and average monthly living costs of $1539 is hard to beat in any other city.

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