SEO Tips for Musician Websites

Musician Website SEO Tips
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Musicians are at the forefront of the digital generation. They tend to have the largest followings, both online and offline. However, some may be struggling with their website’s visibility. Here are some tips for better-optimized musician websites.  

1. Pick a good domain name

If your musician alias or band name is too long, then consider shortening it for the sake of SEO. If web users can type your web address faster, then they will be more likely to visit it over and over again. However, make sure that your domain still sticks true to your brand and is not something completely different.

2. Choose the right keywords

What genre of music do you or your band produce? Jazz, alternative, pop, rock? Also, pay attention to whether you are a soloist or a band. Using this information, you can select keywords that clearly convey what you or your band published on the website. In turn, users will want to visit your site more.

3. Use your networks

Chances are that you already have a large offline following. If this is the case, then you should build on those networks and direct them to your website. One example would be to put banners with your website and social media links at a concert. This way, your site visitors will consist of fans who already love what you or your band does.

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