Most Important Factors for Successful Google SEO

Most Important Factors for Successful Google SEO
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Do you use Google for your website’s SEO? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re discussing three factors that Google’s search engine watches out for when ranking sites.

1. Secured sites

If your site is secure, then you will have a better chance of scoring higher on Google search engines. HTTPS and HTTP are two types of sites. HTTPS are generally seen as more secure. Therefore, consider investing more into an HTTPS certificate so that you can rank higher on Google. 

2. Mobile-friendly sites

Since Google works on all devices, its search engine naturally ranks mobile-friendly sites higher. Mobile-friendly sites, also known as responsive sites, can be highly beneficial for your site. They not only will help you rank higher on search engines, but their aesthetic simplicity also attract users. 

3. Page speed

Google knows that today’s users value instant gratification. This is why so many algorithms have been created to boost speed loading times. Be sure that your website has a fast page load speed. In addition, optimize your images and content so that the scrolling speed will also be fast.

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