Modern Rules Of Shopify Design

Modern Rules Of Shopify Design

Shopify took the eCommerce world by storm when it launched in 2004. Since then, our team at Reach Above Media has helped set up Shopify stores for clients all across the globe. The platform provides an eCommerce marketplace, online sales channels, and fraud payment analysis to business owners all over the globe. Here are some design guidelines that our designers have seen reappear time and again throughout successful Shopify websites.

1. Feature 1-3 enlarged products


Brilliant Bicycle Co. features their best product on the landing page of their website, playing with the typography by the wrapping the image around it.


Trunkster has an animated luggage on their homepage. The “As seen on Shark Tank” badge is a great marketing tool on their part.


Faucet Face is one of our favorites, with a colorful and neat product page that meaningfully conveys their brand.

Only an observant designer’s eye would see the parallels in this Happiness Abscissa landing page. Three is the charm: the cream-colored bottles, etches of paint, and tablets are each in triplets.


2. Vectors with transparent backgrounds

Again from Happiness Abscissa, the cream-colored cosmetics are each distinct in their own way, although any designer would caution against a low-contrast, white-on-white. An alternative from Greats Brand:

Each product stands out clearly against the white background, a simple but effective design guideline.


3. One niche

Zero Gravity understands the importance of consistency when it comes to the customer experience. That’s why they focus only on one product: phone cases. They excel in their design where the the color tone is kept the same throughout all the images, featuring how the product would go into a pocket or be used on a daily basis.


4. Quick shop

These days, customers value efficiency more than anything, so Shopify designers know to integrate a Quick Shop button that customers can click when they hover over a product image.


5. Service before sales

We commend Zero Gravity yet again, this time for its sleek live chat feature.


Placing their address and contact info on every page also gains Greats Brand brownie points. Here is one of the best examples of service before sales in the web design universe:


6. Jab, jab, jab

Props go to Greats Brand yet again for their excellent social media integration. Not only do they have their own (sassy) hashtag, but also a collection featuring the best of.


Say, you’re a Shopify expert too? Comment below with your modern design rule!

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