Need to optimize your mobile app SEO? Here’s how.

Mobile App SEO
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The 21st century is the age of mobile applications. Everywhere you go these days, it seems that people are highly invested in their mobile devices. Chances are, your business already has an app available for your customers to use on-the-go. Here are some quick tips to help your mobile apps rank high on search engines. 

1. Put your brand name in the app name

If your brand is already well-known by your customers, then those customers will be much more willing to install your app if they come across it online. An example of this is Google Chrome. If Google didn’t put their brand name right before Chrome, users might not even know that the app was created by Google. However, still try to keep your app name at three words and under. 

2. Direct users to your app from your website

If your business already has a fully functioning website, then this tip could greatly benefit your mobile app optimization. Some ideas for featuring your app on your website include featuring it on the homepage, as a banner at the top of each page, or as a popup. Just make sure that the link directs users to the app store easily. 

3. Give good descriptions for your app

If you are listing your app on Google’s Play Store or iTunes, be sure that your app has a stellar description. The more captivating your description, the more willing users will be to recommend your app through word-of-mouth. In addition, the app store will display the descriptions as meta descriptions to help clarify what your app is about.

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