SEO Tips for Law Firms

SEO Tips for Law Firms
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Search engine optimization can help increase your site’s visibility to potential customers.. Therefore, your law firm website should include upgraded SEO to enhance client turnout rates. Here are some tips when it comes to integrating SEO into your attorney website. 

1. Conduct an SEO Audit

Before being optimized, your site will require an SEO audit. This will provide you with an in-depth analysis of what optimization your site needs. Sometimes, this will be UX (user experience) navigation issues; other times, it could be your site’s readability. 

2. Prioritize Content

With so much information out there on the Internet, users sometimes find it difficult to sort out which is more important. By prioritizing the content that you feel would benefit your clients the most, you are taking a step ahead of your competitors. Some ways of prioritizing content include posting them on the front page of your website or running social media campaigns that link to those pages. 

3. Claim Your Google My Business Profile

Clients of today’s digital era are looking for the most affordable and reliable business to work with. This is why your lawyer firm needs to have an updated Google My Business profile. By doing so, you increase your site’s appearance on Google’s search engine and can also encourage past clients provide reviews about your business. 

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