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If you want to hide a corpse to a place where no one can see, you can hide it on the second page of Google.

This saying has always been funny for those who understand digital marketing and SEO. Whether Google (the biggest search engine across the world), Yahoo, Bing, AOL, or any other search engine, all of them show thousands of results for a single keyword. Isn’t it astonishing? Now, how would a person who has searched a query will go through all those thousands of results? Obviously, he wouldn’t. People only prefer the results which come on the first few pages of a search engine, and the first page is considered the most important one when it comes to get traffic towards a platform against a particular query or keyword. This phenomenon increases the important of keyword research for any online business.

Google – The God of Search Engines

Since Google is the largest search engine of the internet, every website or blog owner tries his best to get “First Page First Rank” on it. People search a variety of keywords/phrases/popular words in order to figure out what they are after, and companies and individuals perform a number of activities to bring their sites on first page over those keywords.

Types of Keywords

Some of the most commonly used types of SEO keywords are:

  • Short Tail: Comprised of only 1-2 words, these are generic search queries that can provide huge traffic to a site. Keywords like “Logos”, “Shoes”, “clothing” etc.
  • Long-Tail: Comprised of 3 or more words, these are specific search queries that provide potential and relevant traffic to a website. A search query like “Red shoes for women” can be taken as a long-tail keyword.
  • Seasonal: These are keywords that get popularity for a specific time period. Like, Christmas related searches will only increase in the month of December.
  • Product: Product related queries can be like “Dell Laptop”, “Nike Shoes” etc.
Why You Need a Professional Keyword Research Service

For any online business looking for massive and relevant traffic to its site, it’s really important get service from a professional keyword researcher. Over the internet, you can easily find a number of SEO companies in USA whose services do include keyword researching.

It’s not just about going to Google’s Keywords Planner and finding keywords, there come a lot of efforts required to come up with such keywords which can provide effective benefits to your business. Nor it’s the matter of getting traffic to your site through different keywords. Like, you provide logo design services and getting traffic from a keyword “free logo designs”. Will that traffic provide any benefit to you? The answer is “No”. That is why you need a perfect keyword researcher who understands everything about this most important part of digital marketing.

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