Are you keeping track of your SEO?

Keeping Track SEO
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Some business-owners run their own SEO, while larger corporations dedicate entire IT teams to ensuring that the website’s SEO is always up-to-date. Whether you are the former or the latter, we have some tips for you for keeping track of your digital business’ SEO. 

1. Stay updated on blogs

Business is not only about selling products and services to consumers, but also learning something out of that experience. Therefore, business-owners should keep posted on all the SEO blogs and any business-related blog out there. This will help give you an edge over your competitors, since you know more about current trends and can adapt your business plans accordingly. 

2. Conduct surveys and polls

User testing is a commonly-used phrase in the world of web development. We believe that every online business should give its consumers surveys and polls periodically to make sure that they are getting an enjoyable shopping experience. These surveys and polls will help reveal to the company whether the site is aesthetically appealing and easy to use. 

3. Search for your own site 

Sometimes the best way to find out whether your site is ranking well SEO-wise is to experience it first-hand. Either yourself or a friend could find a computer outside of the company servers and use it to test whether searching for a keyword will generate your site as a top result. This will help you find out what changes to make in order for your site to rank higher. 

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