Top 3 International SEO Tips

International SEO Tips
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Does your online business run in several countries? Does your target audience consist of people from all over the globe? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re discussing three top tips to boost your international website’s SEO. 

1. Use national domain names

Every national domain extension has its own way of targeting the people within that area. This is called geographic targeting, and can help boost local visits and conversion rates. Examples include ccTLD’s In France this is .fr for France. In the United Kingdom it is

2. Have a translation tool

Many sites, especially online retail stores, have an option in the corner of their websites where users can switch between languages. This is a UX technique, and will make your visitors appreciate the simplicity and familiarity of the experience. Make sure to consult with native speakers to ensure that your translations are accurate. 

3. Pay attention to different browsing habits

In China, site visitors expect that clicking on a tab will open in a new tab. In Germany, visitors value their privacy over everything. Adapt to these cultural needs, and your customers will enjoy the experience of visiting your website. This will come in handy when helping to drive sales.

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