Importance of Having a Website for Your Catering Hall Business

Importance of Having a Website for Your Catering Hall Business
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So, you sat down and wondered what business to set up for you to make something out of yourself. Be self-dependent. Then you had that light bulb moment and realized you’re sitting on gold. You could turn part of your huge house into a banquet hall. A place people could host parties, wedding or any other sort of social event. The kicker to all this is, you escape the hustles of acquiring your primary raw material as the room in itself is the selling product! But how do we promote your Michigan banquet hall?

There’s no completely fresh idea under the sun. Someone else thought of this idea just the same way you have so you have competition out there. You will need to let your business stand out from the rest and you couldn’t stop asking yourself the question

“How do I promote my catering hall business?”

Well, the answer depends on what height you envisioned for your business and just how far are you willing to go to achieve those goals.

With the evolving rate of science and technology, the internet has become a safe haven for both small and big businesses alike. Which means having an online presence can be a great tool not only to reach potential clients far and near but also to offer more value such as consultation and any other relevant information without location barrier.


A face-to-face conversation with a prospective client is probably the most important marketing strategy out there. But first, you need to get the customer to know you exist before he or she contacts you. Develop a visually appealing website and be consistent in updating your posts every now and then. Let the site be able to answer a significant percent of the customer’s demand needs. A website is your business’ resume. It gives a description of the services you offer and why you are the best option among your other competitors.

Importance of having a website for your catering hall business


We do have businesses that complement other activities. Like the sugar industry is supplemented by the beverage industry. A cup of cappuccino constitutes of mainly sugar and coffee, right? Do you see how those two complement each other? Wedding planners require wedding venues and owning a website allows you to Partner up with such guys so that you could continue putting your business name out there. This move will also earn you referrals in the future if your partners and even clients love the quality of your service.


It’s okay to give back to the society once in awhile. Hold charity events at your banquet hall and let people see how established you are. This sign of good will is a form of marketing (cause marketing), and at the end of the function you might not miss out on two or three people who would wish to do business with you soon. Fact is there is no faster place to put the word out on the street than using an online platform. Through your website, you can host events, webinars, and more while you gather useful data for your next marketing strategy. Let’s call this, a quid pro quo kind of stunt.


According to research, 86% of adults looking for an event hall either for a seminar or wedding carry out their research using Google before deciding which hall is suitable for their event and location. With such huge data, you will agree with me that there is no better place to promote your catering hall service other than online. Although most functions take place during weekends like Weddings for example, mostly happen on Saturdays, right? And some banquet halls are booked twelve months or more in advance. Through a dedicated online presence, you can be different from your competitors and offer weekday services as well. We are after all, after making money and more money, so as to promote our growing business venture.


Thanks to the advent of science and technology, just buy updating quality and classic photos of your past successful catering hall deals on your website’s gallery and posting happy moments of your clients as well as their reviews are enough to get the next client clicking on the book now button.

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Just like the website we created above, having your own customized website for your catering hall business tells a lot about how experience and specialized you are.


Like I said earlier, your website tells a lot if not everything about your business and how unique your services are. These are what set you apart from your competitors

However, in your promotional efforts, whether tradition or online, focus on what sets your business apart from the rest of your competitors. Talk about how different your menus are, the size of the banquet rooms, the uniqueness of the facility, and the large space your guests will enjoy at the parking lot. It’s all about creativity, buddy!

Here are some means through which you can promote your catering hall business

  • Social media

Having a website isn’t just enough. Sign up to nearly all social media platforms. Go an extra mile and hire an individual who will handle your social media accounts as you deal with other operations in your small firm. Let them take pictures that can draw the public’s attention. Hold interactive conversations on the platforms and let people chip in on what they feel should be improved. Be open-minded and take in real criticisms.

  • Attend tradeshows

Hire a booth in such places. It’s human nature to be curious. Bank on that as it’s an opportunity that comes knocking now and then. You never know! They might have heard of an engaged couple who are looking carefully for a wedding venue for a summer wedding.

  • Corporations

Companies are known to hold annual events such as the end of year party, luncheons with their consumers, sales meetings and so forth. Be that guy who goes as far as taking a brochure to the CEO of such corporations in person. The visit will raise his self-esteem. Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, once emphasized the importance of a client’s self-esteem to promote your business.

  • Incentivize your staff

Your team members have family and friends too. If they love their place of work, they will act as referrals too, to your business. In addition to this, happy employees are always more productive. They will always be willing to go that extra mile.

Maintaining a steady flow of income from your Catering hall requires tremendous marketing efforts which is why we here to help you. Kindly contact us today to create a unique custom website for your catering hall business.