Ideas for Original Website Content

Original Content
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Do you own an online business? Are you trying to find ways to create original web content? If this sounds like you, then stay tuned for today’s post. We’ll be running down some ideas for original website content that will help you attract new customers.

1. Redesign your homepage

Customers love to see a company that is constantly updating themselves. Therefore, you should consider redesigning your homepage so that it looks fresher. This is attract more customers, since there is more aesthetic quality. 

2. Reward customers with discounts

Here’s another fun and creative way to attract both past and new customers. Offer site-wide discounts and promotions, as these will attract purchases. This will also be good for bulk purchases, which work especially well during holidays. 

3. Connect to social media

Customers are all about the social media buzz these days. Don’t forget to link the top two tips by posting about them on social media. Our favorite tools include Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You will see your customer rankings skyrocket using these tips.

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