HTML: 3 Types of Lists

HTML 3 Types of Lists
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When coding lists in HTML, it’s important to keep in mind that there are three different types of lists. Each has its own style and can vary across list types. These are the ordered, unordered and descriptive lists.


Ordered List

This type of list is also called a number list because each list item has its own numerical ranking. Use these for procedures, steps, and ranked lists.

Code symbol: <ol>


Unordered List

These are also known as bulleted list because every item has its own bullet point. Use when there is no necessary step-by-step order.

Code symbol: <ol>


Descriptive List

Like the unordered list, descriptive lists do not necessarily have to be in order. These are similar to paragraphs but in list order.

Code symbol: &nbsp; between items, <dt> or <dd>


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