How to find ideas for blog posts

How to find ideas for blog posts
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We publish blog posts almost every day, and always consistently. You’re probably wondering how we are able to generate so many ideas every week. Here are our top three tips for finding ideas for blog posts. 

1. Look at images

A quick Google search for tech-related images, and you’ll quickly find that there are countless of dozens of ideas within each image. If you look closely enough, you’ll be able to think of a unique idea that you can turn into your own for a blog post. 

2. Look at other blog posts

Other blog posts often have a keyword or topic that could serve as inspiration for your own post. Simply add some words around those keywords, and create a title that is unique to your brand’s blogging.

3. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts often have great ideas and stories. These can help you think of new ideas. They are especially easy to use since you can listen to them while working. Consider this as another option for finding blog post ideas.

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