How to Design an Appealing Homepage for Your WordPress Site

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There isn’t doubt that homepage happens to be the most important page on your WordPress site. Moreover, it plays a great role in the success of a business. When a visitor comes to your site, the first thing he sees happens to be the homepage. In this case, if the homepage is well-designed and competent to attract the visitor, there are more chances that he may transform into a potential customer.

If you go through Google Webmaster and Google Analytics, you’ll come to know that the most visited page on your site is the homepage. Therefore, keeping everything perfect on homepage is essential for every website owner.

If you are also going to get your own business website on WordPress, you must go through the following tips regarding how to design an appealing homepage for your WordPress site:

Get a Professional Logo

A logo happens to be one of the most important elements for any site. This small visual identity plays a great role in generating a professional and reliable impression of your brand in front of your audience. In fact, your logo precisely represents your whole business.

A clean and effective logo happens to be the one that perfectly describes the business model of its brand. Moreover, a professional logo designer for WordPress is the one who personifies your logo. Personification means here that your logo should be able to tell your business stories to the target audience.

The more you understand the importance of a good logo for your site, the more you’ll pay attention to it. Before starting your online operations it’s really important for you to get the services of a creative WordPress logo designer who could come up with what exactly your business needs.

Have a look at the logo of this recently designed website by ReachAboveMedia,


A good logo not only reveals your identity but also invites people to get to know you and your business. Most importantly, it will be your logo that will distinguish you in high competition and will help you stand out.

Add More Content

Since content is the most important thing on your website, there should be enough space for content on its homepage. Content plays a great role for a site as it is attached to both users and search engines. Google prefers sites that have enough content to describe their business models. Moreover, the search engine also gives top ranks to the sites that get fresh content regularly.

Good content not only makes your site apart from your competitors but also helps you give answers to some common questions like ‘Who are you?’, ‘What do you do?’, ‘What do you offer?’ ‘Who do you offer?’ etc. In order to get success in your business, it’s important to deliver your message in the heart of your customers.

Content plays the main and leading role on the homepage of your WordPress site. Other elements like design, photos, and videos play the secondary role to support the earlier one. Considering this, it becomes important for every WordPress website owner to hire a professional writer who understands the difference between copywriting and copyrighting. However, you need to acquire both the things on your site.

Content is not just related to words you add in the form of text. Rather, your images, videos, infographics, and different other materials can also fall in the category of content. Your WordPress site should be a combination of both text and visual content so that it can effectively impress both the target audience and Google.

Having content on the homepage of your site is important for its SEO also. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) happens to be one of the most important digital marketing techniques that every site has to acquire in order to get maximum organic traffic. A good copywriter adds top and the most important keywords of a business in the content of the homepage of a site. It is because that search engines read content on a site and give ranking based on the keywords mentioned in the content.

Have a look at the thick content our professional WordPress developers have placed on this site:


A Clean and User-friendly Navigation

One of the most important things to add on a site is user-friendly navigation. Clean navigation plays a great role in engaging a user on a site and leads him to take a certain action. Moreover, a good WordPress website design has to keeps a balance between user-engagement and search engine friendliness.

You can make a visitor overwhelmed by adding more and more features on your site. But, it will slow down the load time of the page and many visitors will even abandon the site before it loads. However, you can perfectly give a professional impression to your target audience by keeping your homepage simple with lesser layouts and neat and clean navigation.

There is a great importance of navigation on a site and you simply can’t ignore it while getting a WordPress site for your business. As a hiker can’t reach his destination without having map with him, the same is the case with a visitor. He may not find the right products or services he is looking for unless you guide him through proper navigation.

A well-designed WordPress navigation not only increases visit duration on your site but also decreases bounce rate effectively. It also helps customers buy their desired products in lesser time as compared to other sites where there is no navigation to guide.

Have a look at the navigation of this site our experienced WordPress website designers have just designed:


 You can see that the navigation is correctly guiding its visitors to go through their desired items. A menu with these guides not only saves the time of your customers but also improves leads on your site. Generally, navigation bars are placed horizontally on the top of a site. However, many new websites have also got their menu on the left or right bar.

Banner or Hero Image

The trend of hero image or banner on a site has been here in the online world for some recent years. Moreover, the majority of sites today have got a banner, slider, or hero image. They use these to give a perfect look to the site’s design. Positioned right below the navigation bar, the hero image can be both static and dynamic. You can have a simple picture with some text or a video as well.

Generally, a banner covers the full width of a site and it effectively beautifies the design of it. There can be several purposes or reasons to place it on your WordPress site. The basic purpose happens to get the attraction of visitors. The banner on your site will be the first ever thing that the visitors will see. Therefore, the more attractive banner you placed on your site, there will be more chances to engage the visitors for long.

Have a look at the banner of this website we have designed:


What to show in the banner or hero image? This is the most important thing that you need to focus. Since the banner happens to be the first thing a visitor sees on your site, it’s for sure that you are supposed to feature the most important part of your business here. You can feature your top products or services and can also highlight their benefits for the target audience.

A simple illustration can also work best to highlight the benefits of your products or services. With overwhelming the banner with much content, an illustration can work perfectly to engage the target audience.

In case you are running a WordPress blog, you can highlight the latest and most-read articles in the banner or hero image of its homepage. It happens to be quite difficult to attract more and more readers to read articles. However, a hero image can efficiently help you do so.


There are incredible benefits of reviews on the homepage of your site. They contain happy words that your customers say about your products or services. Moreover, they also help you build your effective credibility regarding a particular product or service. Also, when new visitors come to your site, they build their trust in your business by reading reviews on the site.

Even since the internet started leading the business world from the front, to fully satisfy clients has become essential for every big and small business. Today, no matter what promises you make with your customers in the site’s content, they don’t trust you unless they read reviews about you. There are many options for customers to read reviews about your business. The basic and the most common is your own website where you can put the genuine reviews on the front page of your site.

Have a look at this review section our custom WordPress web developers have designed:


These words of mouth or testimonials play a great role in the success of a business. They happen to be a supportive expression for your products or services. Most importantly, they help a lot in establishing a professional brand in this highly competitive online market.

It’s a general psyche or today’s customers that they don’t do business with anyone unless they build trust in them. And, for building trusts, your testimonials can strengthen your cause. They tell new visitors that you are loyal and provide the best quality to your customers.

Call to Action (CTA)

It’s not just about the homepage of your site. Rather, every page of your site should have an adequate CTA to induce some decision making feelings in the visitors. The goal of every creative WordPress developer is to come up such a site that can effectively amuse visitors to take certain actions. For that, the developer adds various features on your site and CTA is one of them.

In case you have an e-commerce platform, the need for a call to actions on your site gets double. It is because e-commerce platforms have to provide convenient and easy-to-use purchase procedures. Generally, CTA is placed with the use of buttons, images, and links also. These things are placed with some actionable content that attracts users to click on the button, image, or link.

If you see a website that has got adequate traffic but the conversions are not so good, you better check CTA on the site. Your conversions are dependent on so many things and one of the most important ones is CTA. From taking customers to the purchase panel, CTA also encourages your website users to take some other certain actions like subscribing to newsletters, asking for a free proposal or even requesting a coupon.

Have a look at the CTA on a banner added by our professional WordPress website designers:



The social buttons on your site also fall in the category of powerful CTAs. It doesn’t matter you are starting a new business or have been in this online world for years. You need to understand that no business can survive today without having its strong social media presence. Considering this, increasing followers and subscribers is one of the regular practices of both small and big businesses of today.

Moreover, the footer of your site also works as a perfect CTA. Though it’s been an old practice, most of the sites still make use of footers. They use a footer to place links of other pages as a perfect CTA. The bounce rate of the site also decreases when a user goes from one page to another on your site.


No matter your business model is big or small, you must expand it to the online world by getting a website. Moreover, WordPress is one of the widely used CMSs and you can keep blind faith in this particular CMS. In last, the homepage of your WordPress site should have the above things so that it can effectively engage a visitor and transform him into your potential customer.

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