How to Design a Professional Law Firm or Attorney Website

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Designing a law website is quite different than making an e-commerce store. It is because both the niches have a vast difference of work and audience. The websites of lawyers and attorneys have to give a touch of seriousness and professionalism. Moreover, the rising competition in this particular field has also made it crucial for law firm website designer to design such a website that can precisely stand out in the high competition.

If you are an attorney, you simply can’t deny the fact that making strong web presence has become essential for you. It is because that the online platforms in this modern world aren’t just limited to online shopping. Rather, people are also making the most of the internet to even find a lawyer or attorney.

Therefore, it’s important that every lawyer or attorney make his strong online presence. For this, you need professional services of a law website design firm. The firm that they may come up with something special for you.

However, your responsibility doesn’t end just by giving a project to an experienced attorney website designer and developer. Rather, you also need to know some essential things that should be present in your site so that you can make sure that everything is going in the right direction.

Below, you can find a great piece of content regarding how to design a professional law website or an attorney website. Be reading these following tips, you can effectively see all these things added to your site:

Highlight Your Logo and Business Name

A professional law industry website development company knows how to give a perfect look to a website, and among all the other important elements; your hired firm should pay extra attention to your logo and business name. A logo happens to be the identity of a business and it effectively tells people what the respective business offers.

Your business name is actually the key to your success and you can’t make it look dull on your site. Have a look at this attorney website ‘Stanley Kalathara PC’ designed by the professional law website design team of ReachAboveMedia:


You can see how beautiful the name of the business has been highlighted so that users can easily come to know about the business.

You should also choose a domain name with your business name rather going with some general keywords like ‘Best attorney in the U.S‘, ‘Attorney for projects in USA’, etc.

Enough Space for Content

According to a survey by Statista, content marketing was the most effective digital marketing technique that digital marketers used in 2018. It shows that there is a great importance of content in this online world and you have to deal with it smartly.

A website should have enough content to not only define its products or services but also to please Google and other search engines. According to the latest digital marketing techniques, a web page should have a thick content space. It is because that it will help search engines to give your desired ranking on the targeted keywords.

Here at ReachAboveMedia, we give enough space for content in all the websites we design and develop. It is because we make both user-engaging and SEO-friendly websites. For example, see the following attorney site we have recently designed:


You can see that the site has enough space to easily define the business goals and its services with the adequate use of SEO keywords in them.

Mobile Responsiveness

Just as a lawyer has to be responsive to all of his clients, the same should be the case with his website. There is a huge importance of responsive web design because people are not limited to their desktop PCs in this modern world. Rather, smartphones, tablets, and other devices have smartly attracted millions of users across the world.

Imagine a user opens your site through a mobile device but the site isn’t mobile responsive? Wouldn’t he abandon it right away? Yes!

 No one likes to waste his time on a site that looks weird on mobiles. In fact, you may lose a great number of valuable clients just by not having a mobile responsive website.

Apart from users, Google also prefers sites that are fully responsive to mobile devices. A responsive site provides a satisfying experience to its mobile users. The search engine took the decision to give ranking to mobile-friendly websites by seeing the great rise in mobiles users.

Google official gave a signal of giving top ranks to online responsive sites back in 2015 with its algorithm. In that update, Google gave a positive signal to mobile-friendly sites in its ranking factors.

The three main qualities that should be present in a mobile responsive attorney web design include:

  • No requirement of zoom in order to read the text.
  • Enough space for taps.
  • No horizontal scrolling.

Call to Actions (CTA)

No matter wherever a user goes in your site, or which page he is going through, your contact info should follow him. It’s really important to highlight your contact info everywhere on your site. It is because the users don’t like to go far when they want to make or order or contact a person.

It’s not just your address that should be shown as a powerful call to action on your site. Rather, there are many other things also that may include social buttons, subscriber bar, footer buttons, and different other useful animated buttons.

Regarding social media buttons, you can find them on almost all the websites running on the internet. It is because social media is playing a great role in the success of businesses. Moreover, effective leads can be generated by placing footer call to actions. If you go through different websites, you will find that most of them have got the links of other pages of the site so that they can attract a user to browse from one page to another.

Just have a look at the footer of this law website designed by us:


You can see that this footer is a perfect example of using call to actions in the footer. There are social links to attract visitors who can become your followers or subscribers. The contact information is also there so that a user can easily contact you with his concerns. Moreover, there are enough quick links of other pages also to appeal a user to visit the other pages of the site as well.

High-Quality Visuals

Adding high-quality photos and videos on your site is also important. It’s important because they leave a great impact on whoever visits the site. There are powerful reasons to use high-quality visuals on your site and the visuals may include photos, videos, infographics, etc.

A professional web designer for an attorney website always makes full use of high-quality visuals. He does so in order to attract the target audience of the business. The use of infographics is also one of the practices to attract the audience through visual content. Infographics are designed with the highest visual standards. As a result,  a reader can easily read the information without having them blurred.



When a user comes to your site, he doesn’t read the content first but sees the images. The images should be well enough to please him by all means. As a result, there are more chances that he will read the content and take actions in your favor.

Google also prefers sites that have got the right images to describe their products or services. It doesn’t how many beautiful words you use while describing the qualities of your product. A picture is still worth a thousand words.

Have a quick look at the benefits that you can gain by adding images to your site:

  • Images enhance the user experience of your site.
  • They help in SEO.
  • They tell more about your products or services.
  • They introduce your business.
  • In blogs, they support your points.

Load Time

It happens to be one of the core responsibilities of a law website designer that he should design a site that can load fast enough to show its full templates in less than 3 seconds. Moreover, Google also urges to design and develop sites that load fast on both desktops and mobile devices. Since Google is the search engine king, you simply can’t ignore this important thing while making your law website.

The world has become faster and people don’t have even minutes to wait for a site to open. The average load time of the site is 3 or 4 seconds and after them, most of your users may abandon your site. As a result, their abundance can cause you a great loss. The loss may be of some valuable users that could transform into your potential law clients.

It’s true that a professional law website design firm will surely design a fast website. But, from your part, you need to make sure that the site is loading fast enough to facilitate your audience. For this, you should know that what is a site’s load time and why it is so important.

People have many sites at their fingertips and the chances are more for those that are better and faster. Your client will take no time in moving to some other attorney if your site fails to load fast in from of him.

 Expert says that only 1-second delay can cause you a drop of up to 7% loss in conversions. In short, customers are won or lost in one second.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your law website won’t be much beneficial until it gets enough users from your target audience. Moreover, you won’t like to have a user who is in search of an online store. Getting relevant traffic is really important to generate adequate leads from your online presence and SEO can effectively help you do so.

Whether a law website or an online store, SEO is important for every site or blog. It is important for every site that is looking forward to getting traffic from the internet. As you know that Google is a search engine giant and you can make enough leads if you get a good ranking on Google. SEO is one of the most powerful digital marketing techniques that help you get good ranks of Google.

It doesn’t matter you are an attorney or an online seller, it’s important to get organic traffic in order to get a perfect ROI. Moreover, a website’s success happens to be fully dependent on its traffic. The better traffic you are having on your site, the more leads you will be generating.

A good SEO web design helps you get top ranking in Google Search. the technique also establishes your online presence on the internet. In fact, it helps you get the right traffic to your law website that will surely provide you more leads!


Consequently, you can easily take your law website to the next level by focusing all the above important elements of good web design. A lawyer or an attorney happens to remain professional all the time and so is the important for his site as well!

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