How to Choose Powerful Pillar Page Topics

How to Choose Powerful Pillar Page Topics
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As each day dawns, people continue to produce more and more content about the products and services they provide. On the other hand, search engines like Google are working tirelessly to rank this content properly. Even though keyword research and relevant content are essential, paying attention to your pillar page is crucial. This is your authority on a specific subject matter. Therefore, it is also vital to have a strategy for your pillar page topics.

4 Tips to Choose Pillar Page Topics

1. Your Product or Service

What you offer in the market helps you stand out from your competitors. Therefore, it is crucial to be clear on what you are providing to your target audience to understand you. Besides, your product or service is essential when choosing pillar page topics.

Go to your service or product page on your website to get inspiration. Some of the topics that can help you are the benefits of your products to your customers, what they will get from it, and they cannot get it anywhere else. With such tips, you will build vital pillar page topics that will boost your SEO ranking.

2. Solutions That Your Product or Service Provides

What problem does your product or service solve in your target audience? You can answer this by placing yourself in the buyer’s shoes and considering what they could be searching for and the questions running in their minds.

Once you have them, you can come up with a list of several options. Then, choose one broad topic. It will help you to create cluster pages. For example, ‘What is effective communication in the workplace?’ is broad enough to create different pillar page topics. You can derive heading such as communication between an employee and the boss, methods of communication amongst employees.

3. Emerging Trends and Industry Needs

Each niche and industry keeps evolving and changing due to new trends in the world. In your area of specification, what is new? What are the current needs for the changes taking place?

For example, in the finance industry, there are emerging trends such as blockchains and bitcoins.

You can take advantage of such industrial shifts to create your pillar page topics. You are likely to attract traffic because people need information. They want to know what is new in the world and how they can use it in their daily lives.

4. Analyze Your SERP

Search engines will help you come up with compelling pillar pages topics. You need to enter your pillar page topic on the search bar and examine the different results.

Besides, look into the queries in the People Also Ask section and any featured snippets. Similarly, are there target ads related to your pillar page? If the results bring such, know you have chosen the right topic. On the other hand, if there is no such result, your pillar page topic could serve well as a cluster page.




Choosing the right pillar page topics for your website is crucial to your content strategy. Besides, you will stand out and rank higher on search engines. Therefore, focus on your products and their relevant solution, emerging trends in your niche, and finally, the SERP.

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