Do you have a good SEO target audience?

Good SEO Target Audience
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Every business has a target demographic. This ranges widely, but all business, from local shops to corporations, have some notion of who their target audience is. Today, we’ll discuss three questions that you should ask yourself to determine whether you have a good target audience. 

1. Are they accessible?

 The most important aspect about your target customers is whether they are easy to reach. For local businesses, this can be as simple as setting up your shop in the right location. For online businesses, however, this means being able to locate and market to them on social media resources such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to select an audience that is neither too general nor too hard to reach. 

2. Do they understand your brand message?

Different groups of people have different notions about certain topics. For example, teenagers will have different opinions than baby boomers about the benefits of technology. In order to relate to your audience, be sure that their social background fits your company’s image. 

3. Are they responsive? 

While your target audience might be very interested in learning about your company’s brand message, some are uninterested or unable to follow through on your call-to-action. For example, if your target audience is octogenarians but you only conduct business online, they might not be able to make purchases from your digital store because they do not have the right devices. Be wary of situations like these when creating a campaign around your target audience. 

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