Unique Ways of Finding SEO Keywords

Unique Ways of Finding SEO Keywords
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Keywords are the first to show up on search results. This is why you should maximize your keyword strategies when optimizing your website’s SEO. These techniques abound, but here are three of our favorite (and unconventional) examples. 

1. Steal Your Competitor’s Keywords

The trick to this method is to find a competing site that’s already ranking well in Google. By doing so, you are reverse-engineering sites that have already proven effective. Choose businesses with campaigns that are similar to yours, but that solve different problems. 

2. Use this Underground Tool

SeedKeywords.com is known for being one of the best SEO resources out there. When you visit the site, you can click on Create a Scenario. In return, Seed Keywords will help you generate a whole list of keywords that fit your digital business. 

3. Tap into Reddit 

We’ve saved the best for last. Reddit should be the last thing on your mind when it comes to SEO, but trust us when we say that it is a goldmine for finding keywords. By searching for different categories and looking at unique words that pop up, you can use them as your business keywords. 

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