Easy to follow budgeting tips for the B2B website design project

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Are you willing to revamp the website of your company? You are at the right place to enhance your approach to build a strong foundation for your business promotion. If you are creating a suitable marketing strategy and ready for your new B2B website design project, then you have to start with the realistic budget. You have to consider loads of important things when you outline the budget for your website design project. Experienced and successful website design teams worldwide these days reveal how to budget for the B2b website design project as successful as possible.

The number of pages

As a beginner to the website design project, you have to understand and remember that the cost to build a website with ten pages is more different than a cost to build a website with fifty pages. There is no need to know about the actual count of pages your B2B website need. However, you must have an overview about the approximate number of web pages especially pages in the main navigation. In general, service-based companies use the B2B website with around twenty five to fifty pages. On other hand, products based companies have around 100 pages.

Essential elements and nice-to-haves

Individuals with an idea to engage in the B2B website design project have to start with a priority list. This is because they can avoid possibilities lead to cutting something significant to the business and delay the website launch by adding different elements. This is advisable to spend enough time and draft a list of essential elements for the website. You can focus on a list of nice-to-haves in the website. These nice-to-have elements in the website would not attract and convert visitors. Many people get confused with how they can decide on the timeline and resources for their B2B web design project. Though they do not have to decide the particular date at the outset of their web design project, they can think about the timeline so as to keep the web design project on track.

Timeline range

There are loads of suggestions to determine the timeline range for the project. You can consider easy-to-follow suggestions like considering any significant upcoming conference, a major service or product launch coming up and any major internal project which conflicts with the web design project. Identifying a realistic timeline for the B2B website design is very important for allocating the internal resources and concentrating on the target events like product launches and tradeshows.


You have to determine whether you need copywriting or not. The professional copywriting for any business 2 business website design project is too difficult in terms of the budget and timeline. Web copywriting from a professional team is very helpful to you save your time, money and resources of your business. You have to think about whether you require any particular functionality or feature in your B2B website design. You must remember that adding any major element halfway through the project may disrupt the entire design in terms of the functionality or design aesthetic of the website.