Domain Name and Hosting – What is the difference?

Domain Name and Hosting - What is the difference?
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Domain Name and Web Hosting

A domain name and web hosting seems to be two similar terms but are actually different from each other. In this article, we will discuss the differences between these two internet terms.

Domain Name

A domain name is the part of a website address on the internet that shows the name of the organization on which the address belongs to. It’s what the internet users type on the URL bar in order to reach a certain website.

Since the internet is a wide network that connects other computer networks from different parts of the world, an IP address makes these networks easily distinguishable.

An Internet Protocol address or IP address, is the numerical label assigned to each computer networks all over the world.

An IP address looks like this:

Common internet users won’t be able to memorize every IP addresses and that’s the reason why domain names were made.

Domain names makes these website addresses much easier to remember.


Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that stores and hosts files for a website in order for it to be view-able in the Internet.

When an internet user types your domain name in an internet browser, it will be transformed into the IP address of your web hosting provider’s network. The contents of your website is stored on this network and for the user to view these contents, the web hosting network needs to send back all the information and files it contains to the user’s browser.

Connection of Domain Names and Web Hosting

The function of domain names and web hosting is different from each other but these two services are very essential in building a website.

A domain name is important in order for people to distinguish and find your website. While a web hosting service is needed to build and store the contents of your website.

The advantage of purchasing a domain name and web hosting in the same company is that you don’t need to change the domain name settings. It will also be easier to renew and handle operations if the services are from the same company.

But when you buy these services separately. you have to communicate with your web hosting company in order for them to edit your domain name on their settings.