Commonly-Used SEO Terms and What They Mean

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There are so many SEO terms out there that it can be hard to keep track of them? Why should you know this terminology? Well, they can give your business the benefit of knowing how to optimize your website’s SEO strategy. Here are 3 commonly-used SEO terms, as well as their definitions. 

1. Alt Tags

Sometimes, when pages don’t load pictures fast enough, a small text appears in place of the image. This is called the alt tag. It not only helps give reference to an image, but can be a backup option when the original images fail. A tip when using alt tags: the shorter, the better.

2. Meta Description

Every website has its own goal. Some seek to help customers solve a problem, while others simply exist for entertainment. Whatever your company does, be sure to sum it up in 1-3 sentences for your meta description. The meta will appear in search engines below the name of the your website, so keep it simple. 

3. UX

UX stands for User Experience, and can be applied to any aspect of web development. Especially for SEO, UX can help boost a site’s simplicity and aesthetic appeal, drawing users in for its visual sense. Make sure your site is both attractive and easy-to-use for best results. 

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