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Parallax Design

What is Parallax Scrolling?

So, what is parallax scrolling? It is currently growing in popularity on the Internet, and is a new form of user experience that interacts with the website visitor. Parallax scrolling has been called  the “new frontier of user experience”.

“Parallax” is a term first coined visual 2D effect of side...

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Web Design Tools

Open Source Toolkit for the Web Developer

We know that every web developer wants open source tools to help them develop their quality products, so here are some quality open source tools that we’ve selected for you. The download links are included and they are all extremely easy to use.

1. Node.js

Based on: JavaScript

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Our clean UX 404 pages

404’s that are worth the error (Part 1)

It’s true: 404 pages can be a headache. But here are some that we think you actually enjoy. Stay tuned for the other parts of this topic.



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The best UX music-player websites

The best UX music-player websites

Here are the music-player websites with the best user experience that also function as apps. Listen at home, in the office, or on the go!

1. Spotify

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2. Google Play Music

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