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Musician Website SEO Tips

SEO Tips for Musician Websites

Musicians are at the forefront of the digital generation. They tend to have the largest followings, both online and offline. However, some may be struggling with their website’s visibility. Here are some tips for better-optimized musician websites.  

1. Pick a good domain name

If your musician alias or band...

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SEO Audit

3 Ways Audits Can Boost Your Site’s SEO

You’ve heard of the term site audit, but perhaps you’ve never run one on your own website. In web development terminology, site audits are also known as web crawls. Here are three ways that site audits can help boost your website’s SEO.

1. It tells you your...

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SEO Quality Content Tips

Tips for Quality Content to Boost SEO

Ask around and you’ll find that people tend to value quality over quantity. While quality can give customers an enjoyable experience, quantity usually does not value the customer’s experience. Here are some tips for producing quality content on your website to boost your SEO.

1. Create original content


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Google Ads SEO Mistakes

Google Ads for your website’s SEO?

Google Ads can be a great resource for promoting your business’ campaign while boosting your website’s SEO. Unfortunately, many new users of Google Ads can get bogged down by the complicated features. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid in order to increase, rather than...

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