3 Words to Use in Your Blog Post Title for Better SEO

3 Words to Use in Your Blog Post Title for Better SEO
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Coming up with the perfect blog post title can be a challenge. There are an infinite amount of keywords to choose from, even when the post targets a niche genre. However, there is no need to worry, as here are three words that you can experiment with in your titles for better SEO results.

New bloggers generally tend to stick to a format for blog post titles, but we believe that it helps to vary your blog post title structures. For example, try using “reasons why”, “you/your”, and “how to” in your titles for better results. Visitors will want to read these more, since they convey the message that the post will help them in some way. 

To summarize, “reasons why”, “you/your”, and “how to” blog post titles can be helpful in attracting readers. These are the most relatable, as well as educational. Try these three words and see if your blog traffic skyrockets.

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