3 Bad SEO Habits to Fix

SEO Habits
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Do you run a site that doesn’t attract much visitors? Are your SEO rankings low? Chances are, you might be using some of these bad SEO habits. But don’t worry–we’ll run through them with you so that you can start building better SEO habits today.

1. Don’t duplicate content

Duplicating content is not beneficial to you or your visitors. Customers of today like to see creative, original content because it helps them expand their thinking also. Therefore, make sure you don’t have the same copies of a page or post.

2. Don’t stuff keywords

Visitors can tell when you’re trying to sell them hard on something. Rather than looking desperate for SEO traffic, choose only a select few keywords that truly convey the purpose of your brand. 

3. Make your load speed faster

Visitors don’t like waiting for websites to load. Studies have shown that slow load times actually make a large amount of visitors leave the site. Instead of leaving that chance available to customers, why not increase your load speed? Your visitors will appreciate the ease of accessing your website so much more.

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