3 Advanced SEO Practices

3 Advanced SEO Practices
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There are many blogs out there offering simple SEO techniques. Unfortunately, these are not always helpful, since many site owners already know them or have implemented them on their website before. Today, we’re giving you three SEO best practices that you might not have heard of prior.

1. Write at least 1,890 words

The trick to making Internet users want to read your content is by making it the perfect length. 1,890 words is proven to be both easy to read and enjoyable. According to multiple research studies, blog posts with over 1,500 words receive double the number of social shares. 1,890 is the perfect amount over that.

2. Update your old content

You might think that once you’ve published a piece of content, you should avoid making changes to it. However, this is the Internet, and when the times change, content changes too. Think of this like a book: most need to get revised versions re-published because they are no longer relevant to the times. The same applies to your website content.

3. Post valuable content on social media 

Your blog is not the only place where you can publish original content. Your social media should have unique content as well so that your fan base sees a different side of the business. This way, no one will be bored of looking at the same content from your website.

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