Reasons Why a Good Website Design Matters for SEO

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Having a good website design happens to be one of the most important aspects that play their active roles in the success of an online business. A good design attracts more visitors to a site and helps in making its business extensively profitable. While in the process of making your effective online existence, one thing you should keep in mind that the design of your website will either make or break your dreams. You know why? It’s the thing that is important to transform visitors into potential customers.

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Website Design Role in SEO

It’s not just about transforming visitors into customers; a good design will also help in bringing more visitors to it. You must be thinking that it is SEO that brings visitors to a site. Aren’t you? It’s true but apart from pleasing the eyes of your customers, it also plays its significant role in search engine optimization. The search engine giant, Google has always preferred sites that happen to be completely user-friendly. You are on the wrong side if you think that SEO is just about keyword research and link building.  Design and user experience also play their important roles in the process of onsite optimization, the off-page SEO is dependent upon.

Here are some of the important things a good web design should have in order to facilitate online marketing of your site:

  • SEO-friendly navigation
  • Easy responsiveness to all screen sizes.
  • Fully mobile-friendly
  • Proper HTML coding
  • Adequate space for content
  • Though large, but should be fast
  • Smart graphics
  • H-Tags

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A Bad Website Design Can Hurt Your SEO

Though you do a perfect search engine optimization and visitors come to your site through your targeted keywords. But, what if they abandon the site just because of poor design? It will result in a bad bounce rate that may not be good for your SERP. Through this action of pogo sticking, a user tells the search engine that the site couldn’t satisfy him and it was the wrong answer for his query. Do you still believe it won’t hurt your SEO? You should consult a professional SEO consultant now!

At one point a quality layout of your website helps in improving its search engine ranking; pop ups, illegible text, auto sounds, and large size of images do the reverse. That’s why you need to pay extra attention to each and every element of your site (from a good design to quality content) in order to see your desired results.

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