6 Amazing Google SEO Tips for Page One Results

6 Amazing Google SEO Tips for Page One Results
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Google stands as the all-powerful for those in the effort of trying to drive organic traffic. It haunts the web, aiding users in a way of managing user information at the top of search results on any topic. Over the years Google has just not earned our trust but we are kinda relying on it now. 

 Google Search Engine Optimization is evolving day by day — but the one thing which remains fundamental over the years of evolution is “Showing up on page one of Google Search results”. Gone are the days of a few ads and simple blue links. Despite all these rich results, their  personalization and the latest SERP features, first page ranking for keywords is still the table stakes of  acquisition of organic traffic

In simple words, the competition for holding a position on page one of Google is very tight. But with the right work,  proper guidance, and SEO effort, it is easily achievable.

In this article, I’m going to show you simple and easy ways that could be taken to help you rank to the top of the first page.

Content which is Research Competitive 

We don’t exactly know the exact procedure Google adopts to decide how the pages rank above but one thing is clear that we can get much of it by cross-examining with top-rated pages. If your page is not showing up it means that it is lacking something that others have.

In order to get over the deficiency, spend time looking at the landing pages for all the results that rank above yours and make a comparative analysis with your page. Here are some questions that click to mind for each competitive page:

  • Does it contain keywords that your page lacks?
  • Is it better written?
  • What is the comparative quality of the content?
  • Do other relevant pages link to it?
  • What is the proportion of internal linking to other pages on their site? 
  • Is the external link profile of higher quality?
  • Is there any extra support (charts, images, etc.) 

All you need is to not just copy the pages outranking you, something that they are and you ain’t doing can give you clues that might help you grow fast.

Improvement in Internal Linking

The website’s Internal Linking structure is the prime way by which Google assesses your website and understands in what fields is to rank it. Internal linking holds a very important part as it is one of the easiest tactics that can help you improve your ranking. Improved topical authority over the key topics could be developed by the strategic linking between the pages, increasing the chance that you will be ranked higher for these topics.

Strategic internal linking actually means “Linking pages together where it makes the most sense for your visitors.” It is not merely linking pages together abruptly but an opportunity where specific pages add in a specific manner to provide concise information for the user.

Ranking sites on the basis of strategic linking also gives Google confidence that users they send to your website will return happy and satisfied.

Finding Your Threshold Pages

“Threshold pages are those that currently rank just below page one (traditionally, positions 11 through 20)”.

Getting these pages to page one is usually easier than ranking new content therefore they should rank higher in your priority list. They don’t impede your site ranking but with a little jerk, they could move up to the money positions of the first page. Take a start by using your rank tracking tool of choice to segment your pages with keywords ranking in positions 11 through 20.hands-820272

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

 Since the majority of searches are now going on mobile devices, it is time to make your site Mobile-Friendly. This is part of the Page Experience Update and allows Google to give preference to mobile-ready content for people searching on mobile devices.

Every effort you make in this regard will be recognized by Google and will help you match with goals Google has set itself for its search ranking algorithms.

Build More Links

Building Links means creating such content (authoritative and compelling) that others take as reference. This involves seeking relevant links from authentic and trustworthy websites.  

In terms of rankability, there is a lot more to consider these days (content relevance and quality, entity relationships and semantic, and more) but good old-fashioned backlinks still remain highly correlated with the ranking ability of pages.

Increase Your Industry Authority

High-quality content is very important in helping Google choose your website to rank at the top, as Google recognizes it satisfying the needs of its searchers. This takes time, but the increased trust and traffic that will result is well worth the investment.

Additionally, writing regularly about your industry and business will require you to stay in tune with what the latest updates are in your industry and what your target audience wants to know from you. pexels-fauxels


It seems very difficult to get to the top place in this fierceness of competition, but with a strategic approach, you can easily achieve it. Google focuses on certain requirements/goals and by fulfilling them your site ranking will automatically rise. All you need is quality assurance and good content (satisfying users) and Google will choose your website for first place. 

I tried to summarize here a few easy steps you can adopt for Page One Results. Expert advice always makes a mark on your findings. If you need further clearance about the tactics, hit me up!