5 Sure Tips to Improve Your Website Engagement

5 Sure Tips to Improve Your Website Engagement
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According to Forbes, growing a business in any industry today is all about user experience. Hence, your website plays a crucial role in your brand- it can get you more customers, or you can lose them. Therefore, it is essential to keep working on it to improve your website engagement. 

6 Tips to Improve Your Website Engagement

1. Improve your site navigation

Is your website easy to navigate from one page to another? Easy navigation is one of the best tools to use to improve your website engagement. It lays the foundation of your website and makes it simple for users to find what they need from your website.

Therefore, design a simple navigation menu for your website that allows users to get relevant information in just 2-3 clicks. Besides, have a search box to enable visitors to find what they are looking for in minutes. On the other hand, when your website has numerous options and links, it can be challenging to navigate, decreasing user engagement. 

2. Create Compelling Call To Actions (CATs) 

CAT acts as a prompt for users to do specific tasks such as joining or adding to their shopping cart on your website. Besides, an eye-catching call to action helps you to improve your website engagement. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the language you use as you create one- use the right language that matches with the situation. 

Besides, choose distinctive colors that will attract your visitors. Ensure that the size and shape of your CTAs button draw the attention of everyone who comes to your site. 

3. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly


57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. Therefore, you are likely to have low website engagement if your website is not well accessible through the phone. Make sure that you optimize your content, design, and images so users can load your website on any device as quickly as possible. 

Also, let your website be easy to read, search for information and navigate on mobile phones to improve your website engagement.  You can make a difference in your sales when your customers easily find you on their smartphones. 

4. Add a Live Chat

A live chat allows you to interact with your customers whenever they have doubts or issues. As a result, they will understand what you offer and improve your website engagements. Add a simple chatbox on your website with the name and photo of your chatbox representative. This will make your customers more comfortable as they interact with your site. 

Besides, notify your customers when the chat box representative is not available to avoid poor customer service. Finally, you can take your chat box feature to another level by automating it with AI for more effortless and effective customer interactions.

5. Make Your Website Fast to Load

How do you feel when you wait for a site to load for a minute or so? It isn’t enjoyable, of course. If you want to improve your website engagement, ensure that your site loads instantly

A one-second delay can lead to a drop in conversion rates by 7%. Therefore, improve your site’s speed to keep your loyal customers and keep winning many more!


Effective engagement with people who visit your site makes your business grow and stand out amongst your competitors. Hence, implement the above tips to improve your website engagement!  

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