5 Different Types of Web Hosting

5 Different Types of Web Hosting
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If you have intentions to build a website, you must be aware of different types of web hosting before finalizing one for you. In any case, if you aren’t aware of web hosting plans, must read the following content which is about different types of web hosting:

Virtual or Shared Web Hosting

On a virtual or shared web server, many websites are hosted together on one server. You don’t get full control of the shared server. You better read its terms and conditions before taking this plan. This type of hosting is not so successful because if one website goes down in the server, all the website will go down as well.

Managed Web Hosting

You can go to this type of hosting if you have technical skills. You are given server management facilities on top of the dedicated server provided by this hosting plan. If you have technical knowledge of installing software patches, you can choose this type of hosting otherwise you will be required to hire someone to do the task.

Free Web Hosting

If you don’t have enough money or don’t want to spend on hosting, there are many free web hosting plans as well. You may find various websites which offer free hosting against some promotional ads placed on your website. If you are a newbie or a student, you can go towards this type of hosting. You will learn a lot from it and after understanding all the related to hosting, you can move to a premium hosting plan.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web Hosting

It is one of the used hosting servers and preferred across the world. In Virtual Private Server, there is only one website on a server that remains isolated and secured there. The customer gets a dedicated environment on the server and feels more secure than other hosting types. No one else is able to use the server and the website data on it.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In a dedicated server environment, you can a dedicated server with full control over hardware and software. It is like your own personal computer on which you get complete control. You can install any script or software and can install many websites on it.

Collocated Web Hosting

You can choose this type of hosting if you are not satisfied by managed hosting. In this particular type of hosting, the data center provides you infrastructure to use. You get full control of the server and administration and infrastructure features.

Reseller Web Hosting

It is quite simple and easy to use the type of hosting. You can use reseller web hosting to sell the hosting provider server space on your own brand. You get access to do this with a complete agreement between you and the hosting seller. Many design and development companies also offer this type of hosing.

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