The 5 Most Beautiful Shopify Designs of 2017

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#1 Tomo

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The colors burst out right from the start, and the sections smoothly transition in soft, playful colors.

#2 Foodly

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The buttons on the right side of the landing page are a fun way to toggle between the newest groceries.


#3 Eva

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This site gives off an instantly elegant vibe, with a dominant baby blue color scheme. The Facebook Messenger chat box is a convenient way for visitors to post questions, and the left hand corner displays a nice marketing tool featuring what customers are liking at the moment.

#4 Ione

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This design is simple and sleek, with an ecru header image that instantly captures visitors’ attention.

#5 Rolex

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This site is product-based and does so elegantly, with typography that blends into the design perfectly.


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