404’s that are worth the error (Part 1)

Our clean UX 404 pages
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It’s true: 404 pages can be a headache. But here are some that we think you actually enjoy. Stay tuned for the other parts of this topic.



Emirates 404 page

Says Tomas Panek from the international airline:

“We felt like our 404 shouldn’t be left behind. So we redesigned the page trying to keep our 404 on brand. That’s why we wrote copy around our aviation terminology and on top of that, we looked into analytics to see where people usually go after landing on 404. And based on the findings, we added four CTAs to help our customers.”


Repair Pal

Repair Pal 404 page

This is not only user-friendly, but very functional. The design team has a few words to say:

“Stumbling on a 404 page can be a frustrating experience, so we wanted to take a lighter tone from the start. The team landed on the nighttime van photograph as a no-brainer to relating back to the automotive nature of the site. We went through a few variations on the text, but our team ultimately went with ‘Off The Grid,’ as it’s easily understood and relates to being out in the wilderness of our website. It also still serves a functional purpose as it provides a few, quick links back to our most popular pages.”


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Our clean UX 404 pages