The 4 SEO Benefits of Using WordPress as a CMS

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There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the most famous content development systems in the digital world. Majority of the sites on the internet use WordPress as a CMS because there are plenty of benefits doing so.

In today’s competitive business environment on the internet, it’s not just you need a website with a fully-fledged design. Rather, you also need enough traffic on it that can generate leads for you. To bring relevant and buying traffic to a site, marketers make the most of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Choosing WordPress as your CMS happens to be one of those techniques.

Here are the 4 best SEO-benefits of using WordPress CMS for your site:

  1. Permalinks:

WordPress helps you get a perfect SEO-friendly permalink for each page of your site. Moreover, it uses the Apache mod_rewrite module for websites that allow a user to create and customize a permalink structure.

It’s important to use permalinks on your site because it’ll help you make your users’ experience easier and better. In case you are running a WordPress blog, permalinks will make easier for a reader find a particular post that was posted even months back.

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  1. Plugins

The best thing about WordPress is that this particular CMS has got plenty of SEO plugins. Its Yoast is one of the most famous plugins and almost every WordPress site is making the most of it. Through this particular plugin, you can easily add Meta title and description to a page and can get it rank better than other business rivals.

For almost every activity for the On-Page SEO of a site, there is a plugin for it. There is a plugin to submit sitemaps, to alert Google News with every new post, to give a focus keyword to a page, and for all other SEO practices, you can easily get a free or premium plugin.

  1. Pinging

There happens to be a built-in pinging system in WordPress that notifies all the major indexes whenever you add some new content on your site. Using it, you don’t need to go through plenty of major indexes and tell them that you have added a new content.

The pinging system here at WordPress is also SEO-friendly because it makes the indexing process faster and keeps your site up-to-date on search engines.

  1. XML Sitemap

There are plenty of built-in plugins in WordPress that allow you to easily create an XML sitemap and submit it on Google Webmasters. From the SEO point of view, it’s important to submit an XML sitemap on your site because it helps the crawlers to read your web pages. Moreover, it helps in the fast indexing process.

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