4 Different Types of Logo

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A logo is the identity of a business that may portray an organization’s name, its identity, and type of work. The main function of this small but effective visual identity is to develop a strong identity of a business. It is important for you so that people can easily recognize your business just by seeing its logo. It works as a medium between a seller and buyer and creates an everlasting image in the buyers’ minds.

A well-thought and professional visual identity can develop a strong brand image.  Moreover, it can also increase the sales and revenue of a business. In short, a logo is the core of every business and one should pay extra attention to this branding solution for his business. If you are also running your own company and getting its logo designed, read about the following 4 different types of logo. Read them and then decide which one suits more for your business.

Text Logo:

Text logo is the most common type of logos that many companies has acquired around the world. The fortune 500 corporations also prefer this type of logo that is also called “Word Mark” or “Logotype”. This type of logos is quite simple yet quite attracting. The best thing about this type is that your company name will be promoted through it. Whenever a new company starts its operations, the very first thing it does is that it gets its logo designed by a professional logo designer. When it comes to Word Mark Logos, only experienced logo designers can make them.

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Iconic Logos:

In Iconic logos, graphics and symbols are used to give a decent look to the logo. While getting your logo designed as per this type, you can ask the designer to design such a symbol or use such graphics that are relevant to your business. The best thing about this particular type of logos is that they can easily penetrate into the minds of your customers and they will instantly recall your brand by using your visual identity. But, for this, you need to hire professional logo design services as only they can design what exactly you want.

Illustrative Logos:

Illustrative logos are a little bit difficult as compared to other types, but they also hold a strong position in the market of graphic design. This particular type is visually very appealing. People can easily recognize them and can easily use them into all of their media usages.

The Emblem:

The emblem is also one of the types. In this type, fonts are placed inside a symbol or an icon. They have a classic style and design and there are thousands of companies across the world that are using this particular type.

Consequently, logos are of different types and each type has its particular usage. You can choose any one of them for your business and can create an effective business identity of your business.

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