3 tips when analyzing a page’s SEO

Analyze Page SEO
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There are countless of millions of webpages out there. They will only continue to increase in number as more and more businesses post new content on the daily. Here are 3 things to look for SEO-wise when analyzing an online page. 

1. Is it easy to use? 

A site with good UX is of utmost priority, as it gives visitors an enjoyable consumer experience. Therefore, when analyzing whether a page’s SEO is effective, you should check to see if the user experience makes the site easy to navigate. Menus are one of the most important navigational tools, but you should look for other similar elements to gauge your site’s overall UX rating. 

2. Is the content original? 

Creativity is key in this era of IP (intellectual property). While you do not necessarily have to patent or trademark your business ideas, you should try to create original content that consumers have never seen before. Flo from Progressive, for example, as well as the gecko from Geico, are effective and original symbols for those brands. They also help the consumer remember their brand easily, an additional bonus that will drive sales. 

3. Does it appear first on search results? 

Search engines are important, as they help businesses determine whether their site ranks and appears first for visitors. If your page has the right keywords, then chances are it will rank top on search results. Therefore, be sure to select simple and effective keywords. Also provide quality content so that users share your page with others, increasing visibility. 

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