3 Instagram SEO Tips

3 Instagram SEO Tips
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In our previous post, we discussed ways to boost your YouTube SEO. Today, we’re going through ways you can boost your Instagram account’s SEO. Stay tuned for more tips coming your way on a variety of social media tools.

1. Set your profile to public

On Instagram, you can choose between setting your profile to private or public. If you do not want many visitors to see your page, then you can set it to private. However, a public profile is mandatory if you want to increase as much traffic possible. 

2. Choose specific captions

We once read that Instagram captions should be treated like title tags. We agree with this statement, as Instagram captions both describe your image and include more information about it. Be sure to not go above the word limit for captions, and to choose good keywords that aren’t overused. 

3. Include your website URL in the bio

If you already have a website connected with your Instagram brand, be sure to include a link to it in your biography (bio). A creative idea is to include links to promotions or specific pages to your site after announcing them in posts or stories.

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