3 Commonalities Among SEO Top Ranking Sites

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We’ve been studying the top-ranking SEO sites, and we’ve noticed some trends among them that could be beneficial for your own site. No matter how big or small, here are some commonalities among top-ranking sites that we hope will help you.

1. Memorable Slogans

Slogans such as Apple’s “think different” and Google’s “Make Google Do It” are simple and easy to remember. We believe that a memorable slogan can help your site and business both be ahead of your competitors. Customers find them more relatable. In addition, these slogans are easy to share via word-of-mouth and can be used on all product branding. 

2. Large Social Media Followings

Top-ranked sites such as Apple have large social media followings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. It is proven that large social media followings tend to have more site visitors, since those visitors can click links that go to those sites. If you do decide to try this technique, be sure that your website link is easy to find on your social media biography or posts.

3. Constant Promotions

Retail sites such as Alibaba and Romwe have constant promos, discounts and offers that help them attract customers from all over the Internet. Try promoting a product or service through discounts during the holidays for optimal results,. This is when customers do the most shopping online.

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