10 Essential Things an E-commerce Website Should Have

10 Essential Things an E-commerce Website Should Have
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There isn’t any doubt that e-commerce is one of the leading online industries across the world. Moreover, this particular industry has brought a great revolution in the world of shopping. In fact, more than 50% of people in the United States now buy at least one product weekly from an online store. The trend also seems unstoppable in future years because more and more people are shifting towards online shopping.

A survey by Statista states that the e-commerce market in the U.S has seen a great boost in the last decade. In fact, it is predicted that the retail-ecommerce sales in the U.S are expected to pass 600 billion US dollars. From Amazon to eBay, all the successful and leading online stores are making millions in a single month by selling thousands of products online across the world.

So, there shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind if you have intentions to make an e-commerce site. If you have something interesting to offer, you shouldn’t wait to target the right market. Moreover, if you promote the business in the right way, no one will be there to stop you from running a successful business.

However, designing and developing an ecommerce site is not so easy. You will have to consult a professional e-commerce web design firm in order to get a perfect site. Moreover, you also need to get full knowledge about the things that must be present in an e-commerce store.

For your ease, here are the 10 essential things an e-commerce website should have:

  1. Navigation

Navigation happens to be one of the most important parts of a website. Since it’s on top of a website, it is one of the things on your website that the users will see first. Therefore, the first impression should be commendable by all means. The importance of navigation gets double when the site is an e-commerce store.  It is because that the clearer the navigation is, the easier it will be for the users to find the products they are looking for.

A person can’t go on an unknown hike without having a map with him. Similarly, a user will face lots of difficulties in finding his desired products if the navigation is not there on the site.

Among all the benefits of perfect navigation, the best one is that it can effectively decrease the bounce rate of a website, attracting visitors to spend more time on the site. A good navigation allures a visitor to visit more and more pages and go through more products.

Just have a look at this store designed by our professional e-commerce web designers:


You can see the navigation that is perfectly placed on the site. It happens to be the beauty of an experienced e-commerce web development team that they give a perfect touch to an online store through its beautiful navigation.

  1. A Professional Logo

A logo plays a great role in developing a brand that people can trust. Though online shopping is at its peak, there are still many people who haven’t built their trust in it. Also, the people who perform online shopping prefer to buy only a reliable online store.

In this case, it becomes difficult for a new store to win the trust of people. To do this, the store has to go through lots of practices. In all those effective practices, getting a professional logo is one of the top ones. It’s important to get a professional logo for your e-commerce store because this small visual identity effectively defines your brand. Its effective design, pleasing colors, and lasting impression give a sense to users that the brand is completely professional and reliable.

  1. Products

The more you show your products, the more there will be chances to make sales. Getting sales is everything for an ecommerce store and you can get good sales by showing the advantages of your products. Categories, new arrivals, special deals, and there many ways to attract users towards your products.

The goal of a real online seller happens to show what a customer is looking for. However, the story doesn’t end here because there should be many other things that you need to focus on. The first and the most important one is the quality of the photography of products. Product photography is important in today’s world; visuals are more effective than words.

You can also make use of videos to show the quality and advantages of your products. Products explainer videos are trending nowadays and you can make the most of them by showing all the features and advantages of your products.

  1. Shopping Cart

You should have a persistent shopping cart added on the store that you can place with a long-term cookie. The benefit of using cookies is that you can have the cart with your selected items even after weeks or months in your subsequent sessions on the site.

By keeping the details of the unpurchased products the shopping cart gives a personalization sense to your customers. Across the world of online shopping, there is an importance of a shopping cart and a professional e-commerce website developer also knows it.

Some of the most important things that should be there in your shopping cart include:

  • Ordered products’ list
  • Their prices
  • Purchase agreements
  • Discount coupons
  1. Banners

If you go through different online stores, you will see banners in most of them. Banners or a large hero image happens to be an important part of the front page of a site. Moreover, it plays a great role in getting the attention of visitors.

Just have a look at this banner image designed by ReachAboveMedia,


Having professional web designers for ecommerce sites we always give a perfect banner section for all our e-commerce clients. This particular section can effectively be used to highlight your main products so that whoever visits your site, he may see some big images of your best products.

A banner also helps in telling the story of your brand and to make an announcement. However, featuring a product line can provide you more benefits as more people can be attracted to the products through banners.

What you need to include in the hero images of your site is eye-catching photos with valuable content and a strong call-to-action. These three important elements of a banner can precisely work together in order to increase your leads.

  1. Search Box

Have you seen this search box on our website?


It’s really important to add a search box on an ecommerce store because it can help your customers in so many ways. A search bar happens to be a small box that you can place anywhere on your site. However, the majority of the sites on the internet have a search box in the header.

A search box is important for your e-commerce store because people only see the front things on your site while search engines read everything. Also, depending on your products, your store may contain more than 100 pages running at a time. Now, you can imagine how it would be difficult for a customer to find his desired item on your site if it has got hundreds of pages.

Here, the search box will help your customers directly reach to the page of their desired products. It will save both time and efforts for them and they will surely be pleased with it.

The online shopping experience would have been much difficult on some big brands like Amazon, eBay, and others if they didn’t have a search option on them.

  1. Special Deals and Discounts

There are many good reasons to offer special deals and discounts on your site. You can offer deals and discounts when you have got a new collection or when there is a season going on. You can make the most of seasons like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Black Friday, and other by showing discounts on your products. It’s a psychology of people that they are attracted instantly towards discounts and being an online seller, it’s really important to understand the psyche of your customers.

If you go through the online stories relevant to your business, you will see a section of deals and discounts on most of the sites. It is because they have understood the psyche of the target audience and at this initial stage, to follow them can be the right option for you.

  1. Social Media Links

As you know that social media is one of the top-most digital marketing techniques. Most of the organizations and digital marketers practice this technique to bring good ranking of their sites. The ratio of online sales directly through social media is quite high. Considering this, you must make use of opportunities to highlight your business’s social media pages to increase followers or subscribers.

The importance of social icons on a site increases more when the site is an e-commerce store. Just like your website, you can also list your products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other leading social platforms. By doing this, you will see a notable increment in your sales through social media.

A professional ecommerce web design firm always dedicates a special place for social icons on the site he is designing. If you go through different online stores, you will surely find social icons in the header or footer of them. They put these icons so that whoever comes on the site may go to the social pages and like and follow them. The results will be good for you because people may come to your site once, but their consistent use of social media will always show your social posts to them.

  1. Live Chat

There are many good reasons to add live chat on an e-commerce store and you must avail all these benefits. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge or marketing degree to understand that live chat is important in today’s modern world. The world is quite fast and people don’t have enough time to spend on your platform, searching their desired product on the list of thousands of products.

Your customers need a real-time convenience that you can provide through only two ways.  Either you sit on computer 24 hours to respond quickly to your customers or you can use a chatbot. A chatbot happens to be a perfect option to answers all the queries in the fastest time period without using any manpower.

It’s also cost-effective to use live chat on your site because it saves you a lot of manpower. Moreover, it helps customers who are not able to find their desired products or who are confused about what to buy. Through the live chat option, you can give advice or suggestion to a customer that what he should buy.

  1. Blog

Yes, e-commerce websites can also benefit from blogging. If you ask benefits of having a blog on your site to a creative ecommerce web designer, he will surely count you some mind-blowing reasons. You can use blogs to crunch the numbers, to get more interaction of customers, and to create general leads. Moreover, blogs can also benefit you in terms of SEO and can help you get better ranking on Google and other search engines.

A study by Hubspot also shows that a business can generate more visitors through blogging and can make more sales eventually. In fact, if you do consistent blogging, you can see more than 50% increment in your e-commerce store visitors. Just have a look at this chart by Hubspot:

10 Essential Things an E-commerce Website Should Have

Do you still think you can skip blogging in your ecommerce marketing strategies?


Thus, starting an e-commerce business can be a jackpot for you if you run it with great care. From these above 10 valuable tips to many others, you have to take care of every small and big activity that is predicted about ecommerce. Enjoy the perks of being a leading e-commerce businessman!

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